About Chuck Morse

Chuck Morse is an independent intellectual based in Oakland, California, where he lives with his dog, Izzy.

He founded (and directed) the Institute for Anarchist Studies; taught at the Institute for Social Ecology for many years; and now works with the Solidarity Research Center.

He is a translator. He translated Durruti in the Spanish Revolution and Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires, 1890–1910 as well as numerous articles. He also founded and coordinates the Radical Translators List, an information exchange and resource for leftwing translators.

He is an editor and publisher. He founded Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, The New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books, and worked on AK Press’s publishing team.

He is an author. He has written extensively about anarchism, particularly Murray Bookchin, one of the most innovative anarchist thinkers to emerge after WWII. He has also conducted challenging interviews with influential radical thinkers such as Howard Zinn, Cedric Robison, Arif Dirlik, Janet Biehl, and others.

In recent years, his writing has turned to cities and food, focusing particularly on how they interact with capitalism. In addition to publications that he founded, his work has appeared in Color Lines, Civil Eats, SPUR, LA Taco, Anarchists Studies, as well as many other places.

You can reach him by email at cwmorse@gmail.com

He is on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).