Sam Mbah (mini biography)

(First published in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, Vol. 3 – No. 1 Spring, 1999)

Born in 1963 in Enugu, Nigeria, Sam Mbah embraced anarchism shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union while studying at the University of Lagos. Like many radicals, he entered a period of deep politi cal reflection after the break down of the Eastern Block, one that prompted him to re examine his previous Marxist commitments and ultimately led him to the anti-statist, anti-capitalist politics that is anarchism. North American publications such as The Torch and Love and Rage were especially important to this process.

Mbah currently makes his living as the Lagos correspondent for Enugu’s Daily Star newspaper. He is also very active in the Awareness League, an anarchist organization committed to the libertarian transformation of Nigeria. The Awareness League is active in political education, various social campaigns, and environmental protection. It presently has 600 members and eleven branches throughout the country.

Mbah and I.E. Igariwey (the co-author of African Anarchism) ore currently working on their next book. This will be an anarchist critique of military dictatorship in Africa, which they intend to complete by the end of 1999 (see page 1).

Mbah sites two Nigerians when asked to recommend other African authors he finds particularly sympathetic to anarchism: Ikenna Nzimiro and the late Mokwugo Okoye.

You can contact the Awareness League at: AL, POB 1920, Enugu State, Nigeria

(by Chuck Morse)